Monday, March 17, 2014

A little itty bitty superBulous ditty about the buZz-in to St. Louis

a little bitty ditty about the St. Louis buZz-in

our very own Ms. Bee-Actress  
and owner of Best Catered Events
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

oh oh oh trekking through snow ...
Had fun playing in the snow !!  A novelty for us 
southern gals, 
as most of you will know.
buzzies sharing 
cater-centric chat 
buzzing in the snow with temps 
below ZER-OH,
more trekking thru snow, snow, snow 
to go to 
Fork & Stix 
Thai food that 
blew our sinuses up!
the buzzies LOVED Olio's  Med Rim Fusion
Photo Credit:  Beet by Lynn Lampe, The Geyser Brewery, Cody, Wyoming
Olio Store front by Bobby DIckens, Simply Delicious, Springfield, Missouri
 click here for recipes courtesy of Butler's Pantry for their signature hors d'oeuvre:
Three Little Pigs" - Barbequed Rubbed Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Bacon Jam & Sweet Barbeque Sauce topped with Crispy Bacon Crumbles on top of Jalapeño Waffle*

Summing it all up 
I will give you one (1) word
no, I am not crazy, just very silly 
and completely absurd.

So the word I give to you is 
beyond super AND fabulous...
it's "SUPERBULOUSmy friends,  

you heard it first on the caterBuzz blog
trust me when I tell you
to make a note of it 
and keep it in your log.

superBulous = superb, a gathering of the best!!

beyond super and fabulous... the buZz-in was SUPERBULOUS!

Be looking for you in Vegas @ #CSES2014 !!

You won't be able to miss me
for I am Ms. Bee-Actress 
and this you must see.

"Bee" seeing you at Catersource 

so buZz us up on facebooktwitter or instagram 

for sure you can find me  
and our queenBee 

if only you will stop cooking 

but for sure don't stop booking

and come to Vegas and have some fun.

The Buzzie social media correspondent team 
will be tweeting and posting and such
don't forget to come with your LOGBOOK....

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Cynthia Creighton-Jones said...

This was a blast, and so educational. LOVE the photos!