Friday, May 14, 2010

just another reason the Brits love Bermuda - Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel... in the Sunshine

This week caterBuzz had a unique opportunity for a quick and exciting visit to the lovely and friendly island of Bermuda.  Our first stop after the flight was for a cup of tea and a few nibbles in the form the lovely afternoon tea offerings at the enchantingly Pink dockside, Fairmont Princess Hotel, a short drive from the airport.

Entering the Heritage Court, where afternoon tea is served daily in the British tradition from 2:30 - 5:00 p.m. daily, you are immediately struck by the elegant lobbyside space, designed to reflect the elegance of British colonial times, and overlooking lavishly appointed gardens and fountains.

what else would a brit want after a plane ride?  a cup of tea, of course!!
these high back leather and upholstery chairs were so comfy we stayed most of the afternoon enjoying the tea, nibbles and ambiance. We even got to meet with the hotels wedding coordinator and exchange catering notes.
how to pour a proper cup of tea

dueling afternoon tea offerings

love the descriptions such as
"mustard painted rolled lavosh"
(that's a wrap to us yanks)

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Today caterBuzz is coming to you from Hamilton, Bermuda - the oldest and most populous,  former British Colony in the North Atlantic Ocean.  

Located off the east coast of the United States 
less than 700 miles from North Carolina 
but a world apart.  

atlantic shrimp and cress 
- vodka cocktail sauce in petit croissant
this was my favorite with a perfect flaky 
croissant, delicious plump fresh shrimp
and tangy sweet and hot cocktail sauce.

look at how flaky the croissant was
and by jove, it was impeccably fresh...

hamilton po'boy -  
tender lobster and shrimp with rum splashed marie rose whole wheat slider
(seemed more like a bouchee to me but it was multigrain and lovely)

dueling shooters 
- dark rum bloody mary shooter
minted cucumber and yogurt shooter 
- both delicious but my side won...

can you tell there was an over the pond competition going on?

princess beef wellington 
 horseradish + herb cream
mustard painted rolled lavosh
very british with a twist, literally

truffled hens egg
scallion confetti  
foccacia gateaux
what's that asks the yank?
why madame that is
egg salad of course...
oriental duck and vegetable wrap 
with dark and stormy aioli
a tad bland but great description

rotisserie chicken and caramelized local bermuda onion crumbled blue cheese goslings rum butter shallot bun

balsamic splashed roma tomato 
and mozzarella 
crisp basil bruschetta 
toasted pignoli

raisins cherries and ginger nutty streusel scone 
clotted creme and fantastic 
tomato lemon apple jam
with a surprise offering of coconut meringue
all quite fresh and delicious
oat cranberry and black rum scone 
key lime jam 
and passionfruit meringue
- the passionfruit was a subtle and delicious touch

the seasonal tea dessert plate

raspberry cheesecake square

strawberry kiwi slice 
- with lemon curd and chocolate cup in the background
mimicking the colors of bermuda houses

mango and lime rum mousse cup 
from the speciality rum tea offerings

bacardi razz almond rum ball
was a boozie delight
but the Bermuda dark rum cake
was lily white and quite the "virgin" version

not the peach or banana rum swizzle sorbet the menus promised
but refreshing mango taste never the less