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Encore Catering NJ Bar MItzvah PARTY with COBY Rocks the House!!

Encore Catering New Jersey

Caterbuzz recently travelled to Montclair, New Jersey to
visit and photograph an amazing upscale hip and happening
Bar Mitzvah event, with unbelievable + impressive
diverse food offerings and staffing by Encore Catering NJ
and over the top event décor and services provided
by Jersey Street Rentals and Some Fine Party.

A celebration of all things
Coby, an amazing young man's
bar mitzvah celebration which was titled

"COBY LIVE ! "  

Hosted at the beautifully restored Art Deco Wellmont Theatre
in the charming NJ Montclair historic district, 
this Bar Mitzvah took bling to a new level !

Coby, the bar mitzvah boy was dressed in black featuring a custom
made blinged out shirt with his custom branded "CW"logo.

Bar Mitzvah Logos are Hot and Trendy!
Notice the Bar Mitzvah Boys specially crafted initials in his personalized
branded *CW* logo repeated throughout the evening ......

from cocktail napkins to vases on bookshelves behind the
customized bars, to the table number signs, to labels on water
bottles, to the fabulous wrapped dance floor,  even studded 
on the DJ's  dance group shirts.

And that’s just a fraction of the branding that happened!

This was Coby’s night,
and everywhere you looked
there was a  CW “branding” reminder.

personalized Bar Mitzvah logo water bottles

The vibe of this amazing over the top Bar Mitzvah celebrating
Coby, with 260 plus guests, was clearly Guns and Roses,
along with chic modern artsy details and
a blinged out rockin’ the Kasbah concert theme.  

This was serious partying, folks 
– fun was just unavoidable!

Come on in and let’s take a look at just what made this such
a happen’ event from the awesome food, to the incredible décor,
excellent lighting, hot and happening DJ and many multi media
services,  something for everyone from the teens to the grandparents.

As caterers you will be interested in how the food flowed, so let’s
start with that.

Encore Catering NJ's tagline is
"A taste of Something Wonderful" and this bar mitzvah
event was no exception!

Guests entered via the red carpet from the front street entrance
that was closed off to traffic with local police and
flashing lights and cameras simulating the paparazzi vibe.

Coby's friends - aprroximately  120 plus young adult guests were 
directed to the mezzanine level of the Wellmont Theater, 
where Encore Catering NJ set up “concession stands” of 
kid friendly offerings.

Fresh popcorn was just the start,  typical kids food but
all housemade items like franks in a comforter, served in mini cones,
mozzarella sticks with housemade marinara, chicken quesadillas,
and hot pretzels with nacho cheese dipping sauce, kept the kids fed
during their “cocktail hour” along with the various
video games, photo booths, wax hand dipping station,
and more than even imaginable.

The main stage level of the Wellmont had been transformed from
a concert venue to an elegant, chic and cutting edge
evening bar mitzvah experience.

Awaiting the adults were Encore Catering NJ's
cutting edge chef action stations for pre-dinner grazing.

The culinary design team of Encore Catering NJ  planned
and executed two insanely abundant and  cutting edge
chef manned action stations, along with offering
a myriad of innovative passed hors d'oeuvres.

Served in the bar area and top tier of the main stage area of the
Wellmont theater, the adults were able to mingle, 
have drinks, enjoy the stations and gaze down to the main floor area 
where the dancing and dinner service would follow.

The décor created an incredible backdrop for
Coby's very glitzy Bar Mitzvah cocktail hour reception.

off the hook decor and multimedia services!  Jersey Street Furniture Rental
photo Andy Foster Photograph

The level of critical detailing and planning that all the vendors put into 
this outstanding Bar Mitzvah event was amazing!  Here's an example of 
a detailed diagram created by Encore Catering NJ's expert event planning team.

Check out the detail level that Encore Catering NJ
provides their staff for setting up stations correctly

Options for stuffed freshly made mozzarella.
Bountiful food and beautiful displays are a trademark
of Encore Catering NJ
Encore Catering NJ's  Fresh Mozzarella Bar Action Station offered every type of mozzarella and accompaniment you can imagine.
A true epicurean treat!

Encore Catering Chefs pulling fresh warm mozzarella into
housemade boccochini and stuffing them with sundried tomato,
prosciutto, roasted red and yellow peppers and a drizzle of
extra virgin olive oil, kept the adults coming back for more.

Encore Catering Chef stuffing fresh mozzarella 
with guest's choice of fillings, 
ranging from prosciutto 
to grilled + marinated vegetables

chefs making fresh mozzarella
for station displays
Offerings at the Mozzarella Bar included burrata
– a type of fresh mozzarella beggars purse filled with creamy ricotta like cheese, that we like to call mozzarella on steroids, breaded mozzarella that the Encore Chefs had just made minutes earlier, sautéed by an Encore Catering Chef at the mozzarella station, buffalo mozzarella, marinated cherry sized cilegiene mozzarella, and Pizza Marguerita along with a bountiful antipasto display.

Grilled and marinated vegetables, charcuterie , displays of prosciutto, Encore garlic knots, housemade Encore bakery foccacia and more rounded out this ABONDANZA  mozzarella bar!

   Chef Action Station
Check out this cool chef guacamole action station!

… Authentic zesty avocado guacamole 
hand mashed in a molcajete, the traditional vessel 
for making authentic guacamole.
Natural decor pieces added to the bountiful and eco friendly display
bamboo boats provided eco friendly serving solutions
colorful freshly made corn tortilla chips,  
mini tacos  with fillings such as 

chipotle pulled chicken and roasted corn with  shaved jack cheese

or Adobe rubbed skirt steak with poblano chile salsa and queso fresco 

or Cilantro chopped spicy fresh tuna and mango tatare !!  

The fresh Guacamole and Taco bar offered  all these selections and MORE!

Encore Catering Taco Bar Offerings
Mini Taco Stands and Tiered Natural Shelving

Adding to the mix, twelve sleek black clad uniformed Encore
wait staff circulated with thirteen tray passed hors d’oeuvres in honor
of the bar mitzvah boy (…get it 13 years, 13 items…)

Warning,  do not read if you are hungry
– a clear danger to any diet plans !!!
Encore Catering NJ VP Karen Epstein reviews
the Bar Mitzvah event's detailed plans
with a Encore Event Captain.
The professional and experienced planning team at
Encore Catering NJ designed and offered a Ying Yang
of traditional vs. innovative passed temptations.

There was something for everyone to enjoy,
from the lover of comfort food to the urbane palate.

Waiter passed hors d’oeuvres, each selection  carefully 
crafted and staged with a unique and entertaining tray presentation.

French onion soup presented in mini boule bread ‘bowl”

paddle skewers of pistachio + coconut crusted jumbo shrimp
offered with fresh mango salsa presented on a bed of toasted coconut

… for the kid in all of us, all beef kosher franks in a down quilt
served with honey mustard dip

.. Asian chicken satay with Thai peanut dipping sauce

.. crispy sweet and spicy acorn squash wontons accented with
cinnamon glace

. awesome jumbo shrimp cocktail on a duo of cocktail dipping sauces

..petite bleu cheese beef slider, house made caramelized onion confit 
and smoky BBQ sauce served on petit potato bread buns

.. smoked BBQ brisket dabbed with house made cranberry chutney
perched on petite sweet potato muffins

.. NY steakhouse potato pancake with seared filet of beef,
creamed spinach and frizzled onions – Yum!

..smoked salmon crepe torta layered with pesto aioli
topped with micro greens

smoked salmon lollipop
..salmon sushi lollipop with capers,
dill + smoked salmon  – soy wasabi sauce

honey lavender kissed yellow and red beet 
Chèvre verrine with dried orange 
twisted noodle kugel skewered with
vanilla scented yogurt pipette
Are you hungry yet?  Having tasted many of the offerings,  
in between photographing  them, my tummy was getting full 
and the dinner portion hadn’t even started yet….

Remember earlier we alluded to the amazing décor –  take a look 
at the guest tables set up on the main floor of the theatre.  

The color scheme was deep red, musty burgundy touches 
and black with silver accents everywhere.   

Edgy decor items, like tiered shelves of metal studded skulls
with guns and roses ottomans below, 
and the animal patterned chair covers and matching
banquet bench material completed the look.  

There were no linens, instead each of the square and rectangular tables had a unique tabletop finish, creating an ultra moderne chic look.

Each of the three full bars
had customized looks that were absolutely fabulous!

one of three customized adult Bar Mitzvah bars

The look was off the hook !!  

Beautiful but simple flower displays with deep red black magic roses 
and burgundy orchids, intertwined with the inspired modern centerpieces creating a unique masterpiece for each table.

Jersey Street Rentals custom designed all three of these 
drop dead gorgeous centerpieces to fit  perfectly with this 
sophisticated bar mitzvah theme.

Keeping with the current trend of having a trio of centerpieces 
– each table had one of these amazing displays gracing 
the atypical rectangular  and square tables.  

Check out this one with an undulating chain
fabricated with silver pillar candles, floral and votive surrounds. 
Elegant and edgy at the same time.

A tall structure of tumbling silver box shapes hung with 
silver balls, strings of mirrored shapes and graced with 
powerful flower touches added to the theatrical feel of the evening.

Love this elegant Gothic inspired centerpiece, with shiny black candelabras intertwined with black magic roses and orchids.

The tables were set with deep blood red wine goblets and draped 
with black linen napkins accenting the colors of the flowers and 
centerpieces perfectly and creating amazing table scapes 
where ever the eye wandered !!

The station format for the
Bar Mitzvah dinner menu was designed by the professional planners on the Encore Catering New Jersey team as cutting edge short plate stations.

Encore Catering New Jersey promises a taste of something memorable
and this Bar Mitzvah Menu absolutely delivered!

As the guests sat down Encore Catering Staff placed plates of 
family style tapas and house baked breads for nibbling at each table.  
Encore Caterings Unique Family Style Tapas Offerings

family style tapas offerings
..British style popovers,
..Aged Vermont cheddar cheese biscuits
..Breaded Italian long stemmed artichokes
offered with lemon aioli
..Portebello mushroom fries with tomato basil aioli
..House made flatbreads topped with fig, goats cheese and pinenuts. 

The adult cocktail area was seamlessly flipped
and converted to a kids lounge with couches and ottomans
where foods stations had previously been. 

Young Adult Bar Mitzvah Food Stations
.. Angus Cheeseburger Sliders
 .. Shoe String  Fries
 .. Curly Sweet Potato Fries

And waiter passed easy to eat food including
..  Lo Mein noodles  in red and black asian take out boxes 
presented in a Roving Concessionaire Box with Coby's logo 
carried by black uniformed Encore Cater waiter.

..  Buttermilk fried chicken in cheesy biscuit
..  Mac and Cheese Croquettes served in mini bamboo cones.

Are you dizzy yet with all these fabulous 
selections and activities ??!!

It was so amazing to be in the midst of this – great lighting,
multimedia screens flashing shots of the guests from various
times throughout the evening, as well as precious memory photos
of Coby growing up, adults and kids rocking the dance floor,
fabulous customized bars stocked
with top shelf liquors and signature drinks –

One of three customized  Bar Mitzvah Bars
decor by Jersey Street Rentals
short plate station

Ready for dinner service,  Encore Catering NJ Bar Mitzvah event captains
opened the Bar Mitzvah dinner stations for guests to graze at.
Lisa Epstein, President, Chef and Owner of Encore Catering NJ, directs
Encore Catering Chefs  in the set up the Steakhouse Station

Several of the tables with older guests and grandparents 
had butler waiter service offering a selection of the
small plate offerings to their tables, which also meant there was
never a huge crowd or line at any of the stations, 
and the folks who needed to sit got the opportunity.  
Encore catering chefs and professional wait staff  
were constantly replenishing the unique station
displays with more delicious short plates, each one offered
in an inviting and unique manner that 
encouraged guests to try a bit of everything!

The bar mitzvah dinner stations each presented on a different
small plate, bowl or vessel with a variety of interesting shapes.

Encore Catering Small Plate Stations included

THE SEA station

a duo of fresh tuna 
seared rare black pepper tuna with truffle emulsion
 and timbale of tuna tatare with fresh avocado stack 
graced with a elegant lotus chip

herb crusted sea bass over savory winter vegetables 
with hand made tarragon + herb gnocchi

the STEAKHOUSE station

sliced filet mignon with cabernet sauce, 
home made tater tots and
sautéed brussel sprouts
Not the frozen tater tots of our childhood!

petite steakhouse salad – a steakhouse classic !  iceberg lettuce, 
bleu cheese crumbles, fried onions + white wine vinaigrette

mini square bowls
of steakhouse
creamed spinach

THE FARM short plate 
cabernet braised boneless short ribs over 
mashed sweet potato showered with frizzled onions

dijon rosemary encrusted new Zealand baby lamb chops 
perched on artichoke, fennel and leek mashers

Mangia ITALIA short plates
a trio sectional plate of classics
..housemade wild mushroom ravioli
..three bite parmesan crusted chicken breast
with tomato /basil bruschetta
... grandma’s meatballs with fresh herbed ricotta.

the modern DIM SUM cart

.. baby back beef ribs egg rolls with white truffled bbq sauce

.. shrimp shumai
.. spicy Thai rice noodles with Asian vegetables, stir fried chicken 
and basil offered in Asian take out boxes
..pork and leek dumplings

some unique bowls and displays
that Encore Catering NJ
utilizes for their Bar Mitzvah Decor
 presented with oversized Asian
     spoon “bowls” of sauces
         soy, duck sauce, Chinese mustard,
mango chutney, sweet & sour sauce and hoisin sauce

Have we mentioned how customized this Bar Mitzvah was 
with Bar Mitzvah branding and logos galore !!

While the adults and kids rocked the personalized branded 
CW dance floor, the Encore Catering Staff quickly flipped 
the dinner stations to dessert stations.  

Presented on one side of the dance floor
a flaming hot rocks  S’MORES STATION

allowed for toasting of marshmallows completed with 
bamboo boats already set up with graham crackers and Hersey’s bars 
– the classic s’mores that had kids and adults intently roasted their own 
long skewered marshmallows with smiles galore. 

red velvet cake pops
and mini cupcakes

The other side of the dance floor Encore Catering New Jersey presented 

a trendy 
themed dessert bar, 

all produced by Encore Catering’s talented in house bakery department  !!


..twin orbiting towers displaying Miniature Red Velvet cupcakes
..Red Velvet rice krispy treats
..White chocolate cake pops filled with Red Velvet cake
..Red Velvet whoopee pies drizzled with white chocolate
.."Twinkies" made with Red Velvet

Complimented with oversized bowls brimming with you guessed it, 
red candies; red hots, red m + ms, red jelly beans, gummi bears 
and Swedish fish and a giant martini glass with red licorice twizzlers

 – Would have to honestly say that there were as many adults 
dipping into the candy bowls as kids!

On the upper level
of the main theater 
offered a CHIPWICH
ICE CREAM SANDWICH bar with oversized Encore signature cookies and amazing flavors 
of ice creams and gelatos made in house by Encore Catering's dessert team, 
such as fresh strawberry + banana, hazelnut chocolate gelato + mint chocolate chip.  

Dry ice a created a sexy smoky bar
atmosphere for this totally fun and delicious ice cream station!

what a rad party
is it time to leave already?

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Coby's Bar Mitzvah Event Credits:

Event Catering:                               Encore Catering NJ,
                                                          Lisa and Karen Epstein

Rentals:                                            JerseyStreet Furniture Rentals,
                                                          Steve Novich + Sandy Hines

Event Planner:                                 Some Fine Party,
                                                          Debbi Fine,  973-713-2330

DJ, Lighting, MultiMedia:                Shine Events and Entertainment

Event Venue:                                    The Wellmont Theatre, Montclair NJ

Food Photography:                          Caterbuzz Social Media Group, 
                                                           Lisa Teiger  646-932-3496

Event Photography:                         Andrew Foster Photography

Lighting, Technical Support             Melchior Production,
                                                            Tony Melchior  917-359-6447