Monday, June 28, 2010

the Elegant Touch imparted on Duanesburg, New York's hottest new market: Hannaford

A few months ago while the caterBuzz blog team was in Santa Cruz, California with Kimberly’s Catering, blogging the Bill Geisreiter Memorial, one of our caterBuzz members reached out to us  for help to gussy up a proposal for a large grand opening event they had been asked to bid on.

caterBuzz offers our members a variety of services from the private forum, to on site catering photography and catering blogging,  to help with putting proposals together with the buzzie member’s ideas and our creative writing skills. 

A catering proposal is like a resume that we give our clients, it speaks to who we are as caterers and what we can do for each client – and tailored specifically to the event, is often the tool that creates the relationship between the caterer and the client that allows us to represent our clients and build relationships for not only the current event, but beyond.

Kim Lauria of Elegant Touch Catering, Altamont, New York, is a wizard and magician at designing and producing amazing décor and delicious events but writing proposals with her busy catering schedule is not Kim’s favorite part of the job.  Having worked with Kim and her team, and knowing the unique and eye catching work they produce, caterBuzz was happy to take her ideas and shape them in to a proposal that came alive, so that the client could envision the creative process that was whirling around in Kim’s head and would ultimately make the client’s event a complete marketing success. 

Having been involved in the initial proposal, caterBuzz wanted to see the vision come alive and are happy to promote Elegant Touch’s work on the caterBuzz.  We spent the day photographing the Hannaford Market grand opening, allowing Kim and her staff to focus on the business of producing an event while we focused behind the camera to capture the moment.

caterBuzz is thrilled and honored to share with you the stunningly creative results of the marketing event produced and catered by Elegant Touch Catering and Special Events, Altamont, New York for Hannaford Supermarket Grand Opening in Duanesburg, a suburb of the NY state capital of Albany.
the perfect salad starts here...

Hi, I'm Lisa Teiger, co-founder of caterBuzz, owner of CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events,  a boutique NYC catering concern, a food stylist, culinary fashionista and roving caterBuzz catering reporter, coming to you from NYC but always going beyond !!!  

We hope that you will consider caterBuzz as your traveling eye for the inquisitive professional catering guys and gals around the globe.  Sharing and learning from each others as only like minded professional caterers can do, through pictures, stories, questions and answers, available here on and also on our facebook caterBuzz group page, a private forum for the catering community.

Today caterBuzz is coming to you from upstate New York and the grand opening of the DuanesburgNY, Hannaford Supermarket, where caterBuzz member, Kim Lauria, of Elegant Touch Catering, helped the Hannaford Supermarket chain promote their range of fantastic products such as salad dressings, harvest fresh fruits and veggies, juices, Italian fruited sodas, beautiful cakes,  baked goods, deli offerings and freshly butchered meats.

eat your colors...
the choices were bountiful + refreshing!!

no surprising that 
this photo is blurry,
Kim Lauria, Culinary Artist 
and Event Designer
never stood still long enough 
to get a clear shot of her with her fabulous displays

yummy fruits and veg came 
directly from the Hannaford market

BBQ chicken pipettes

tony preps the sliders

Kim Lauria, owner and executive chef
 of Elegant Touch Catering, Altamont, NY,
 shared recipes of that outlined how Hannaford customers 
could make delicious dips to accompany 
the fresh fruit and veggie crudite offerings.
These recipes are slatted to be posted soon
on the Elegant Touch website
and include
Red Raspberry Dip
Chunky Blue Cheese Dip
Roasted Red Pepper Aioli
Sun Dried Tomato Dip

French Lemonade
Pomegranate Ice Tea 
were dispensed with style and a sense of humour


fresh salads
from the deli counter at Hannaford Market
informatively displayed by culinary designer,
Kim Lauria of Elegant Touch Catering + Events

chef Kim Lauria's hand carved melon artwork...

fire it up... burn baby burn...
toast those lovelies...
"caterbuzz" "elegant touch catering"  "cuisinetc nyc catering" 

culinary fashionista 
and caterBuzz founder, Lisa Teiger
rivers of chocolate and raspberry ganache
with strawberry + vanilla marshmallows
toasted coconut, colored sprinkles,
and graham cracker/Hersey chocolate
fixings for that traditional or not so 
traditional s'more goodness..

this boy wanted lots of s'mores please!!

Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan,
caterBuzz culinary representative


Lisa Teiger, Culinary Fashionista and 
caterBuzz Founder + Queen Bee
enjoys a giant toasted marshmallow.

caterbuzz elegant touch catering  cuisinetc nyc catering 

what a fun idea to toast that 
kindergarten or elementary school graduation,  
sparkling apple juice with a graduation cap!


Kim Lauria, chef said...

Great job recreating our event. thank you.

Unknown said...

Great job Lisa and Chef Lauria! What a great idea Lisa to help "fill in the gaps" for others in the culinary world. We all have our specialties, as well as the things we don't really care to do or have time to do. You provide that needed service to cover all the bases.