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caterers never really retire - One Party After Another - Fifty Years of Catering to the Rich, the Famous and The Guy Next Door Miles Theurich, Caterer Emeritus

If you see a  man in a white signature suit who looks like Col.  Sanders in the halls of this years Catersource 2011 convention, then stop and say hello to Miles Theurich.  You won't regret it, he's got stories to tell !!  You can order a copy of his book by clicking on this link and if you get only one idea for how to create client relationships from that purchase, it will be money well spent, my bet is that you will find several ideas that are still relevant in todays market.

My first memories of meeting Miles Theurich many years ago was when we were just getting into event catering and Miles, as one of the founders of the National Caterers Association (Now ICA - National Caterers Association) was a presenter at a catering conference.

Miles and his wife Angie had started their catering business in the 1950's in his mom's kitchen and went on to become internationally known caterers to celebrities, such as Oprah and  Warren Buffet, as well as the guy next door.  Miles's jovial presentations consistently had caterers in the audience in stitches with many war stories about catering, and his signature white "Cl. Sanders" outfit.   Miles jokes that upon meeting Col. Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, the Col. quipped

"If Ida Had your recipe for chicken, Ida been a general"
 Col. Harland Sanders

Miles Theurich's wit and charm have only deepened over the years and now at 80 (plus plus LOL) he has mastered facebook and written his first book - once again  reaching out to caterers and sharing his vast experience and knowledge of the catering world he loves so dearly.  

Miles is never afraid to try new things and last year via CaterBuzz, we renewed our friendship on facebook - which Miles quickly mastered - faster than many half his age I might add !!  He has been a great friend and supporter of our CaterBuzz group on facebook.   Miles and I have had many delightful conversations this year and I am so looking forward to seeing him at the Catersource Convention this month in Las Vegas.

His new book,  "One Party After Another - Fifty Years of Catering to the Rich, the Famous and The Guy Next Door  Miles Theurich, Caterer Emeritus" will be available later this month  is available for  sale  pre-orders   on line here.

You can friend Miles Theurich on facebook
and follow him on twitter.   Tell him we sent you and give him a hug from ME.

Caterbuzz is happy to announce that we have a new contest and you can enter to win a copy of "One Party After Another, Fifty Years of Catering to the Rich, The Famous and The Guy Next Door".

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To enter the contest to win a copy of Miles Theurich's book,
"One Party After Another, Fifty Years of Catering to the Rich, The Famous and The Guy Next Door".

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1.what are the two places where the book will be available for purchase?
2.what did Cl. Harlan Sander reputedly say to Miles Theurich.

This contest will be running for a few weeks we will post here when it is over.

If you know Miles Theurich personally or have ever heard him speak, please leave a comment below.
and look for him at the Catersource 2011 Convention.

here's a sample story, one of many, that highlights how Miles diverted disaster and with quick thinking, powerful people skills and great imagination, that only master caterers really have, was able to turn mashed potatoes into a beautiful display and keep his clients happy!

The Collie and the Cake  
by Miles Theurich

On a hot, humid, Wisconsin summer day, we were to cater a wedding reception for the daughter of a local print shop owner. My wife and I were invited guests, but being concerned with the handling of food on this blistering hot day, especially being mindful of how easily frosting melts off wedding cakes, we decided to go directly to the home and help out our catering crew if needed. 
When we arrived, the tent was set up in the back yard and the wedding cake was stored safely on the kitchen table in the host‘s air-conditioned home. 
The family was just leaving for the church wedding when we arrived. They had taken my advice and while they were at the church, had a relative stay in their home to take phone calls and provide a certain measure of security, keeping watch over the bridal gifts and the house in general. 
Tim chose a nephew who hadn‘t planned on attending the wedding and told him to keep the bedroom door shut tightly as the family‘s collie should be kept out of the kitchen. A few minutes after the family left, the nephew‘s girlfriend showed up. My wife, Angie and I were in the tent and decided to check on the nephew, who supposedly was guarding the gifts and the wedding cake.  
We were greeted by the collie with icing all over his snout and ears, and the top of the wedding cake about one half chewed out. Where do you suppose the nephew was? In the bedroom with his girlfriend! In their haste to enter the bedroom, they hadn‘t noticed the dog slipping out, and completely forgot about the instructions to keep the animal out of sight. 
I had a major reconstruction to do. I decided on building up the back of the cake with a wall of cedar branches. I took a knife and walked around a few of the neighboring properties to trim their cedar bushes and to pick some flowers to replace the smashed ones. We always had an emergency catering kit with us, and one of the items in this kit was a box of instant mashed potatoes. I prepared a rather thick batter of potatoes and pressed a few handfuls of them into 
the cake to replace the missing chunks. Laying cedar branches and fresh flowers pretty much camouflaged the damage. 
When the family returned from the church, they headed for the iced champagne in the tent. I asked Tim, the father of the bride, to come into the house. He noticed cake icing on a chair and on the floor. I asked him to take a close look, as I pointed out the repairs I had made and said,:"Tim, what the heck kind of a nephew do you have; he‘s an animal. Just after you left for the ceremony, he went to the cake and with his bare hands, grabbed hunks out of it and ate quite a bit.” I had fun starting a rumor at the young man‘s expense, as I knew in my mind exactly how it would turn out. 
Tim believed me and dragged the nephew into the kitchen and gave him a tongue lashing, repeating the story I had made up. What was the kid supposed to say? "No, I didn‘t touch the cake, blaming the dog he let out of the bedroom while enjoying the rendezvous he had with his girlfriend? He took it like a lamb and begged forgiveness. I never told my friend Tim the real truth, as his nephew had a lifetime to make up for his mistake! 

For more stories like this - you'll just have to buy the book or enter our Caterbuzz contest to win an autographed copy!

Miles Theurich
Chef Miles

here's what folks are saying about "One Party After Another"

Scott Walsh
Just got done reading your book, absolutely loved it. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. Going to go back and reread my favorite parts. You are an inspiration in this crazy but addictive business. 

Best Regards, Scott.

 "Ed Manley"  36 Years serving as President of International Food Service Executives Association.
Date: March 16, 2011 8:04:03 AM GMT-07:00
I’m up to about page 150 of your wonderful book. Your book is a great text book for those wanting to own their own business.
About 2 years after my book came out people pointed out a couple of mistakes, which either no one noticed or no one had the nerve to tell me my book wasn’t perfect – smile. A great read, well done my friend.

E. H. Manley and Associates
*Working with the Global Foodservice Institute at
the State University of NY at Morrisville,
Pearson Learning Solutions and UNLV

I love  your book - It's a great read!

Hi Miles
It’s so great reading your book,  It’s a great read
 -I picked it up and couldn’t put it down until I finished it.  

Compliments to you - you’re not only a great chef and  caterer, 
but also a great writer. You can really be proud of your book. 
The theme of the book - it’s wonderful - It’s YOU.  
You are an exquisite and masterful writer.  
I ordered 10 copies and will be ordering more.

GALEN SCHROEDER  (Indexer for this book) 
Fascinating story of a remarkable career. 
I appreciated being selected as the indexer. 

As with a few select memoirs and biographies, 
by the time I am done with the book, I  usually am 
not  "in love" with the main character. 

That was certainly WAS  NOT the case with your book. 
Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this project. 
I look forward to seeing the book in print.

I really enjoyed reading your memoirs in  "One Party After Another". 
You really had some interestsing and challenging moments 
in those 50 years. 

I was happy to see that you gave appropriate credit 
to Angie (your wife)  for the success you enjoyed.

Best Wishes  
He was a classmate of Miles at Rochester Agricultural School, 
attended Univ. of WI. with  Miles, got a Ph.d.,
and became the Superintendant of High Schools for Racine, WI. 

Ken Kasbohm - former CPA to Theurich Catering Service

I  want to tell you that I’m about half-way through your book 
and in all honesty I am enjoying it immensely. 

I’ve actually laughed out loud a few times! 

I wish you had written the book when I was younger 
as it’s a good guide for how CPA’s should treat their clients.

Don- the limosuine driver at Miles and Angie's retirement residence. 
After reading your book, 
I can understand why you have attained celebrity status 
here among our 250 residents. It’s the best read I’ve had in years. 
Your life was truly technicolor and your writing of it was so entertaining.


Best Catered Events said...

Will Miles be autographing this book and if so where and when?

Unknown said...

@Best Catered Events - you should be able to spot Miles in his signature white suit - he will be hanging out in the ICA room in Vegas and I am sure he would be tickled to sign the copy you purchase from the Catersource Store.

DennyDustin said...

It is true that caterers never really retire from their job. They work from one event to another!

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