Monday, September 19, 2011

Intimate Backyard Wedding - a feast from Festivities Catering CT

Fall in New England - a sunny warm crisp fall day was the setting for this intimate backyard wedding exquisitely catered by Festivities, a seasoned  28 year catering and event company run by talented Executive Chef Bill Kaliff and his equally talented and delightful sister Roe Chlala.

Festivities is located in Norwalk Connecticut, where they are truly known for bring the art of celebrating to their client's events throughout the Connecticut area and beyond.

And while Festivities is capable of pulling off large intricate catering jobs, and in fact this same weekend were resposible for over 1200 meals including a gala for Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Camp, the same attention to detail and care is given to all clients - as Caterbuzz was able to witness at this tasteful and intimate backyard wedding reception for 34 guests.

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This caterBuzz  feature highlights a lovely wedding that Festivities Events produced in the client's backyard in Wilton,  Connecticut.   Please enjoy the photos and menus posted below.  This is a mere sampling of what professional caterers can find on the private facebook forum, the  "caterbuzz" group.   

As a cherished member of the family, 
Teddy, the dog was dressed to the nines to celebrate with her family!

Teddy was dressed up and well behaved

the bridal bouquet salad was perfect for the lovely backyard setting.  Naturally elegant and delicious fresh local ingredients.

striking natural garnishes for
Festivities' hors d'ouevre platters

The Cocktail Hour commenced as the guests arrived in a stretch Hummer Limo from the ceremony which had taken place in Central Park in NYC.

Festivities Waiters were waiting to offer 
such delicacies as

yuzu glazed grilled scallop 
perched atop minted pea mash on wonton crisp

pastrami smoked salmon napoleon 
+ candied lemon peel

lemon zest kissed tuna tatar 
graced with wasabi  aioli 

artichoke arrancini

leek and mushroom spring rolls

coconut chicken satay

while guests mingled in the backyard and enjoyed a few cocktails.

Ahi Tuna Tatar with Wasabi Creme Fraiche on Cucumber Rounds
love how the garnish enhances the food

a weave of carrot and cucumber creates a palate for the hors d'oeuvres

shitake mushroom and leek spring rolls

yuzu glazed scallops with minted pea on wonton crisp

pastrami smoked salmon napoleon with candied lemon + dill

hand carved orchid butter flower graced each table
note the different china patterns

hand carved orchid butter flower 

salad bouquet

Festivities Owner + Executive Chef
Bill Kaliff
puts the final touches on the
Flowering Bridal Bouquet Salad

a lovely tablescape of delicious food graced the hosts beautiful wooden table

as the guests sat down in the tent, there awaited

a visually and tastefully plated
bridal salad bouquet drizzled with dijon shallot dressing

accompanied by  Artisan Breads and Orchid Butter Flowers

followed by a sumpticous buffet
Filet of Beef with horseradish creme and cabernet demi glace

Samak Tarratour
    - Roasted Scrod with Caramelized Onions, Pinenuts,
       Slivered Almonds + Roasted Garlic Lemon Kissed Sesame Sauce

Ancient Grains

Potato Persillade - Roasted Baby Reds with Lemon Zest + Parsley

Grilled + Roasted Vegetable Displays

the bride and groom were invited to the buffet first

the hosts, Mr and Mrs Klein
got to be guests in their own home!!

one can never go wrong with filet mignon cooked perfectly!

roast scrod with pinenuts, almonds, caramelized onions
tarratour sauce on the side

an abundance of roasted and grilled vegetables

dessert buffet included gelato bar with fun toppings
hmmmnnn what should I have!!

byte sized cupcakes were a HUGE hit

Festivities Famous Brownie Bytes with Voluptous Fresh Strawberries

love the sugar presentation - practical yet elegant


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