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buzz in to NYC catering centric subway series food safari 2015

...If you missed the 2015 NYC summer buzzin...don't fret,  
The buzzies are convening again for the upcoming 
January 17 - January 19, 2016 
with optional wine country tours January 20-21.
contact us for more details.

Email for your opportunity to participate.
It was incredibly exciting to host so many amazing buzzie caterers on the #buzzin2NYCfoodsafari2015 this summer!

The caterBuzz hive converged in NYC for a NYC five boro food and shopping safari on June 28th
with some buzzies hitting up the NYC Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center first, while another portion of the caterBuzz group went on a food safari of eastern Queens.  Our safari agenda in a few short hours covered a taste of Columbia at Mama's Empanadas' 24 hour empanada joint on Northern Blvd, a quick stop at Tortillería Nixtamal,  the only place in NYC that makes and sells masa and sells fresh tortillas, tacos, tamales and other dishes made from this very masa, the awe inspiring vision of spices, dried fruits, nuts and tastes of filo stuffed spinach turnovers from Carmel in Rego Park, Russian Cheesecake bites and a tour of the Russian Delis, as well as a chance to buy catering goodies from some of our favorite closeout stores before returning to the hip and happening Paper Factory Hotel in LIC to convene with everyone!

As summer was heating up in NYC, a group of buzzies, who are members of caterBuzz, the largest on line peer to peer catering forum, gathered to embark on an whirlwind catering centric NYC food and shopping safari.  Our home for 4 days was the uber cool Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City, steps away from a subway entrance and a short ride to where ever we needed to go.   The caterBuzz group swarmed into the Paper Factory from the west coast, midwest, many southern states, as well as the  east coast.  Foodie and Chefs who travel to NYC oft times venture no further than Eataly or Chelsea Market, much less outside of the confines of Manhattan. Exploring the outer boros, such as Queens and the Bronx, is a unique and personalized way to connect with the multi cultural food and shops that give NYC its broad and diverse character.  Our intrepid Buzzies, aka caterBuzz members, came together in NYC to learn from each other, share catering war stories while experiencing a local insider view traversing through the multi ethnic food environs of New York City. 

Over the 4 days the food safari adventure brought us to every borough of NYC - from the first food safari to eastern Queens; Northern Chinese, new American, modern Lebanese, eclectic Mexican and old school Italian dinners in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, a abondonza tasting, mozzarella demo and shopping excursion in the real little Italy of NYC - Arthur Avenue, a late night ride on the Staten Island ferry cruising past lady Liberty - this 2015 Buzz-in to NYC food safari provided many incredible sights and delicious tastes that hanging out in NYC offers.   When in Rome... like the native New Yorkers, the buzzies used the NYC Subway system to get around!  For many this was a first ...experiencing the NYC mass transit system.  

stay right, stay tight!
next stop !  Kansas City Caterer Deborah Williams has a blast on the subway
with fellow buzzies from Pennsylvania, Savannah, Oregon, to name a few!

touring Elmhurst and Jackson Heights Queens
with visits to a fabulous Thai eatery where buzzies feasted on samples of
Crispy Duck in Panang Sauce
Green Papaya Salad
Sour Pork Salad
and Drunken Fresh Rice Noodles
prepared by NY Times reviewed Chef Duangjai Thammasat, who goes by Kitty and who's amazing food at Ayada Thai elicited groans of satisfaction.  

After "sampling" Thai goodies, the buzzie food safari group moved on to visit several speciality Asian Supermarkets down Broadway for a chance to purchase some of the ingredients that Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan and Lon and Stewart Lane presented on earlier that morning.  
A multitude of different nationalities are represented in Queens alone.   Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, representing over 100 countries and speaking 138 languages The Elmhurst area is a one of two Queens "Chinatowns" with emphasis on Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian cuisines, brimming with bubble tea shops, hand pulled noodle houses and asian supermarkets concentrated in this vibrant working neighborhood.  Up a few blocks as one arrives in Jackson Heights, the Asian thrust changes to Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Tibetan, Filipino, and more Thai, surrounded by Central and South American stores and restaurants.  Often one forgets you are still in the US, with the staggering ethnic diversity, many authentic sounds, tastes and smells of other countries in such a concentrated space. 

Returning to the Paper Factory for our afternoon booze and schmooze, we enjoyed voodoo cheese and smoked brisket sliders along with wine and a chat with Sandy Hammer, of All Seated and her team who walked us through the plans for a community of networked venues, caterers and planners, working together using free cloud technology made available by All Seated for floor plans and venue layouts.

Dinner in Flushing Chinatown at Fu Run a Northern Chinese Joint with flavors of cumin and lamb dancing on our tongues, was followed up with the quintessential Queens summer dessert and pass time - enjoying the Lemon Ice King of Corona flavorful ices while watching bocce !!  Check out the flavors by clicking on the link above!

caterering peers:  Stewart Lane, Lon Lane, Bill Kaliff, Andrew Alexander-Crossan
Next Stop: Manhattan with breakfast noshes at Dean & Deluca, followed by  a walk up Houston Street to sample goodies from Lower East Side institutions like Yonah Schimmel Knish bakery, Katz's Deli ...where Sally meet Harry  and the pastrami is amazing, Russ and Daughters to peruse the old school smoked fish delicacies, Economy Candy and gelato from Laboratorio del Gelato, a spin through the Essex market and new school NYC lunch at Momofuko's Noodle Bar.  One of everyone's favorite stop, figuratively speaking, a caterer's wet dream, was the JB Prince Showroom in midtown Manhattan. Fifth Avenue was our locale for the afternoon booze and schmooze at the Party Rental Showroom  enjoying the views of a caterer setting up for an event next door on the rooftop of Midtown lofts, while getting to touch, see & hear about trending rentals the history of this high end metro NYC rental business, started in the Halpern family garage over 40 years ago.  
Quite a nice respite from our hectic schedule as we sipped on prosecco and nibbled on vegan sushi from Beyond Sushi along with bites of traditional pastrami & corn beef from Katz's Deli,   Thanks for hosting us Party Rental Ltd and a special thanks to VP Jim.

No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to Little Italy - these days the real Little Italy of NYC is considered by most to be Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.   We arranged a visit, tasting and demo with our dear friend, Dave Greco, second generation owner of Mike's Deli, informal "mayor" of  the infamous Arthur Avenue Market.  Dave, like his father Mike, is a character and a half.  He regaled us with stories of famous clients but impressed us with tastes of his fabulous foods - aged parmesan, Nonna's egg foccacia sandwiches, house-made burrata crostinis, and his expertise during the fresh mozzarella demo had several of the Italian American Caterers shaking their heads with that ah-ha moment of added knowledge.  

Other Ah- ha moments came as we listened to David Turk, founder of Indiana Catering NYC breakfast and learn presentation ... Customer Service for Today's Caterer.

Many thanks to our sponsors, organizers and presenters who helped us expand the offerings and make this buzz in to NYC the super success it was of bringing together such a diverse  yet like minded group of buzzie caterers to explore and share and take their businesses to the next level!

Sandy Hammer, All Seated 
Jonathon Beall, Sertodo Copper
Dave Greco, Mikes Deli - Arthur Avenue, da Bronx
Party Rental Limited
The Paper Factory Hotel, Long Island City
David Turk - Indiana Catering, NYC
Lon Lane - Lon Lane's Inspired Events, Kansas City
Stewart Lane - Lon Lane's Inspired Events, Culinary R+D, Kansas City
Chef Andrew Crossan - CuisinEtc, NYC
Bill Kaliff, Festivities Catering, Norwalk, Connecticut
Dianne Evans - Best Catered Events, Baton Rouge
Hope Hilby, Director of Fabulousity
Stan Vail, All Seasons Catering, California
Chef Duangjai Thammasat, Ayada Thai, Elmhurst, NYC

with lots of love and gratitude 
to the entire caterBuzz community
from your queenBee Lisa Teiger and Buzzie Bee 
FYI Buzzie is currently residing 
in Atlanta with Kat Plant... who will host him next?

It was our pleasure to spend time with each & every one of the talented caterers who participated, while having the privilege to show them around NYC - an  amazing city!!...

The caterBuzz team’s goal and hope was that everyone would immediately feel at home and comfortable with the face to face buZz -in  Safari Group as they already do in the on line caterBuZz community.   This was an awesome opportunity to make lasting new friendships while learning from each other and enjoying tastes from around the world!!   Buzzies found one or two or twenty new inspirations to take back home to continue to grow their businesses with renewed energy and passion!!

Our time together in NYC was short and chocked full of activities… and jam packed with education,  food and wonderful networking opportunities.

We were thrilled to host so many amazing buzzie caterers on the #buzzin2NYCfoodsafari2015 this summer!  

...and are beyond excited about the upcoming #buzzin2NorthernCaBayArea2016  January 17 - January 19, 2016 with optional wine country tours January 20-21.  

Email for your opportunity to participate.

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