Sunday, July 11, 2010

red white and blues @ CKA Ranch Willets, California

Classic Kitchen Associates, 
Healdsburg, California 
CKA Ranch Red White and Blues 
Lisa Teiger, caterBuzz photographer
lamb sliders with minted yogurt cheese,  CKA Ranch Red White and Blues
caterbuzz photographer: Lisa Teiger
lobster mac and cheese in mini crock pots,  cka ranch red white and blues caterbuzz
    RED  WHITE  + BLUES   
a humdinger of a  birthday bash for America celebrating the 4th of July and our cultural diversity.   Friends, family and clients of all ages from around the world gather at a private ranch in the foothills of Mendicino to celebrate the bounty of life and listen to fantastic live music while eating delicious food all weekend long.


the CKA staff rocked the casbah! and the bands played and sang all night long!

a stunning work in progress culinary center, nestled in the foothills of scenic Northern California, 10 miles north of Willets, is the brainchild of Ron Edwards of Classic Kitchen Associates. Ron and his wife, Cecilia, have built the 120 acre CKA Ranch from the ground up, planting organic herb and vegetable gardens, including aromatic California lavender and some of the most delicious sage ever.  

The garden planted basil was not quite ready this year however, growing pots of live basil from the farmers market were an acceptable standby. 

New CKA signature hors d'oeuvre "Italian Splash" pipette featured local Sonoma County SMOKED olive oil distributed by Hop Kiln Vineyard, fresh grown basil off the plant at right, local sweet farmers market organic cherry tomatoes and house marinated cherry sized fresh mozzarella balls.
CKA signature hors d'oeuvre for 2010
Italian Splash, Red White and Green - Smoked EVOO Pipette,
 CKA Ranch Red White and Blues 2010
caterBuzz photographer, Lisa Teiger
red white and blues chicken quesadilla horns
Ron Edward's forward vision includes planting a small grove of olive trees in the hopes of being able to produce their own signature Extra Virgin Private Reserve olive oil in the future.
photos:   red white and blues @cka ranch, willets , california,  caterbuzz photographer, Lisa Teiger
olives nestled into downtown bakery artisan bread  
CKA Ranch, Red White and Blues 2010
caterbuzz photographer, Lisa Teiger

Picture a gorgeous northern California setting, the craggy hills are alive with blossoming  flowers and lush fauna, where the grass has just begun due to the extreme summer heat to turn  the beautiful golden from the intense mountain sun.  It almost never rains in Northern California in the summer so blue skies, and outdoor living makes your heart sing and soul fly and being able to walk to the garden to pick salad greens, herbs and heirloom tomatoes is quite a joy to any chef and foodie.

Jalapeno Pie, CKA Ranch, Willets, Ca,  Red White and Blues 2010
caterBuzz photographer: Lisa Teiger

closeup, octopus cerviche, CKA Ranch, Willets, Ca,  Red White and Blues 2010
caterBuzz photographer: Lisa Teiger
Classic Kitchen Associates host an annual red white and blues 4th of July event for clients, family and friends to come together to celebrate the year and to showcase musical and food talent and new offerings from their catering company, Classic Kitchen Associates.

CKA Catering’s newest 2010 station offering ...
Gourmet Sausage and Mustard Tasting Bar
there were over 8 types of mustards available   Caterbuzz photographer:  Lisa Teiger

Ron also runs a consulting business focusing on organic farming – he studied viticulture class at UC Davis as well as working with various vineyards through the local grape grower organizations in Napa and Sonoma Counties and has many years of experience under his belt. So the array of guests run from foodie sophisticates to "plain jane" meat and potato fans.

bountiful platters of grilled house marinated tri tip, 
flanking platters of ribs, brisket, chicken + more,  
set the tone for good eats
CKA Ranch, Red White and Blues 2010, Lisa Teiger, Caterbuzz Photographer
Most of the Red White and Blues Event is focused on Saturday when an estimated 100 - 200 guests visit the CKA ranch throughout the day and evening, to eat, drink, dance, party, swim in the creek and just have a lot of fun.

something for everyone 
organic red quinoa with chicpeas (vegan)  
CKA ranch red white and blues 2010
caterbuzz Lisa Teiger

The gamut of weekends events range from traditional BBQ with a twist to staff beer pong contests following cleanup on Sunday.

CKA Ranch Guests are constantly amazed and never go away hungry when faced with the continuous offering of delicious traditional down home as well as innovative temptations that the Classic Kitchen Associates Kitchen Staff prepare and serve. 

Red White and Blues at CKA Ranch is one of those events where you are munching on a tasty bbq rib bone while eying the cheesey handmade griddled cheese stuffed puposas and thinking of whether to top them with jalapeno slaw or just savor the corn goodness unadorned except for the bubbling internal cheese + sour cream that provide the perfect contrast already to the soft yet crisp masa cakes aka puposas.
did we mention ribs !!!! dry rubbed, slow roasted + smoked
Jack (Daniels) + Coke Infused BBQ Glaze
CKA Ranch, Red White and Blues 
caterbuzz photographer:  Lisa Teiger

handmade puposas by maria and mauriel

Since the theme still revolves around the fourth of July and red white and blues which includes live Jazz bands and the infamous Indiana Slim and his Rockabilly band, along with  many talented artists. 

Mark Hummel -  the blues harmonica blowout

Indiana Slim - star of stage, screen, and television is jump, jivin' , wailin' and chuggin a jug o down home 'Live and Raw' rock-a-billy Snake oil juice - produced by red hot Baby Lee of Shakin Snakes Productions.

Indiana Slim, lead guitarist and producer of the hit R&B band, **Shakin Snakes** has strutted his stuff with greats Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many Blues greats.

Slim has created a classic live "one take one time" sound with several hit records by the Shakin Snakes and 'Two Stiffs Pumpin Gas' and 'Drunk' by Wine Drinkin Roosters Members --- Indiana Slim, Baby Lee, Snooky Flowers, Sleepy, Johnny Kidd,andMeatman Mark

Classic Kitchen Associates works hard to create new culinary delights every year, while still offering classic favorites and tried and true tastes. This year the menu included a smattering of tastes from around the USA including a haute dog sausage tasting bar with gourmet mustards,  California artisan cheeses, baby octopus cerviche, bountiful local 

strawberries, watermelons, grapes + bowls of cherries, new age Edamame hummous sunflower with pita petals,  CKA signature chicken quesadilla horns with guacaomle crema, a trio of Indian chaats (pakoras, Indian spring rolls + potato samosa bytes with housemade chutneys, and much much more.
Leah serving Chicken Quesadillas, 
CKA Ranch, Willets, Ca, Red White and Blues 2010
caterBuzz photographer: Lisa Teiger

staff preps cerviche, CKA Ranch, Willets, Ca,  Red White and Blues 2010

The day always starts off with live music and food from the grill – two cases of ribs which had been slow baked continued to smoke on the grill, along with veggie burgers, sirloin burgers (choice of whole wheat or fluffy white buns), grilled pacific coast oysters, salad with housemade ranch dressing and buttery signature croutons, all beef hot dogs, brisket, tri tip – and for sure,  we have not listed everything (yet) from the 4 page red white and blues 2010 mouth watering menu that chefs Ron, Andrew, Mauriel and Maria dreamed about and ultimately cooked up.

Hi, I'm Lisa Teiger, co-founder of caterBuzz, owner of CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events,  a boutique NYC catering concern, a food stylist, culinary fashionista and roving caterBuzz catering reporter, coming to you from NYC but always going beyond !!!  

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Today caterbuzz is coming to you from Willits, California and the CKA ranch where
Ron Edwards and his wife, Cecelia open their 120 acre ranch to friends, family and clients for a 12 hour Red White and Blues Event that features live musicians and bands, fantastic food from their catering company Classic Kitchen Associates of Healdsburg, California and a bevy of interesting guests and activities.   

This year the kids enjoyed the bouncy house, as well rides on thethe horses and swimming in the creek while the party rocked on from 12 noon to 12 midnight.
Celebrating America - Happy Fourth of July 
CKA Ranch Red White and Blues  2010
caterbuzz photographer:  Lisa Teiger

Red White and Blues at CKA Ranch is one of those events that draws a variety of folks and is a down home fun version of patriotic Americana featuring food from coast to coast, and around the globe with lots of grilled meats, international yummy finger foods, cold beer, flowing wine and drinks from Jamaica Water to Magic Wand Mango Sorbet Mojito Martinis.
magic wand mango mojitos,  cka ranch, red white and blues 2010, 
caterbuzz photographer, Lisa Teiger

Indian Chaat Offerings with trio of chutneys
 cka ranch red white and blues 2010
 caterbuzz photographer, Lisa Teiger

surrounded by red white and blues 2010
  CKA Ranch, willets, california

desserts offerings included
red white and blues
trifle with fresh local cherries, local strawberries,
raspberries and blueberries
frangelico whipped creme
and rum soaked pound cake

mini cheesecake bytes garnished with red and blue fruits
american flag cake layered with cream cheese filling
and chocolate tacos with blueberries and cherries

giant pink and white marshmellows
with chocolate dipping pond

chocolate cheesecake stuffed local strawberries
chocolate UFOs, garnished with fresh fruits + jelly bellies
caterbuzz photographer, Lisa Teiger

Indiana Slim getting jiggy @ cka ranch red white and blues 2010


Catergreat said...

Wow Lisa, I am sorry I missed the event. The food looks amazing and I know first hand how good it tastes!

I had the opportunity to work with CKA a few years ago and it was a memorable and joyous event. I hope to make the next get together and add some of my touches for the honor of working with CKA and CuisinEtc.

Thanks for sharing.. The ideas are filling my head!!

SorTJackson said...

Lisa, that was the MOST amazing food! Great fun, great people, great music, and best of all- GREAT FOOD!! You rock! Thanks for the great time! Enjoyed being cabin-mates with ya! Who's snoring?