Monday, March 17, 2014

Three Little Pigs by Butler's Pantry St Louis

piggy love - the three little pigs and their adventure on a jalapeño waffle.

Have you noticed lately that the pork belly and anything bacon craze has not slowed down at all ??

Thick cut, candied, chocolate dipped Bacon, slow cooked sous vide pork belly and such, continue to trend as hot items on blogs, restaurant and catering menus almost everywhere worldwide.  Even the kosher world is pushing facon.  

On our recent BuZz-in to St. Louis, caterBuzz members were treated to a marvelous facility tour and commissary visit to Butler's Pantry and their urban chic Palladium Venue, right next door.  

Richard Nix, owner and his amazing Butler's Pantry sales, operations and culinary staff put on the Ritz for our buzz-in attendees and hosted an afternoon of adult beverages, catering chat and outstanding hors d'oeuvres.

- We enjoyed it ALL - as evidenced by the veracious eating even though the buzzie tour had just come from an OUTSTANDING lunch experience at Olio, a med-rim fusion St. louis restaurant. 

However without doubt THE hands-down favorite offering that all the buzzies enjoyed was...

*** Three Little Pigs" - BBQ Rubbed Sous Vide (Slow Cooked) Pork Belly with Bacon Jam & Sweet BBQ Sauce topped with Crispy Bacon Crumbles atop a Mini Jalapeño Waffle***

3 little piggies

Top Right:
Richard Nix, owner of Butler's Pantry
with Julie Ridlon,
St. Louis based Buzzie
who was our tour leader
for the 2014 St. Louis buZz-in

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Lucky for you recently, the Chef and Management of Butler's Pantry kindly shared the recipe for the Three Little Pigs and allowed us to publish it for the online caterBuzz internet community, as well as the private forum members.   That's tremendously generous of Butler's Pantry and speaks to their belief that caterers need to stand together to improve our industry and support each other.   

Note - these are catering recipes from a professional chef's kitchen and formatted/sized accordingly.  You can save each component of the procedure as a photo either to your desktop or to pinterest.

buzz-in to st. louis, butlers pantry signature pork belly recipe, lisa teiger blogger

Our good friend and avid supporter of caterers worldwide, Lon Lane, a buzzie member who drove to the St. Louis buZZ-in from Kansas City, shared these thoughts about his favorite food experience during the caterBuzz buZz-in.

My Favorite Food Experience during the St. Louis buZz-in:

“The tour of the Butler’s Pantry was amazing!!   The bar, hors d’ oeuvre sampling and tour of the facility was simply the best.  I am so grateful for colleagues who understand that sharing information with others in our industry helps us all become better at our craft and improves our industry as a whole. 

Giving comes back to the giver 10 fold and I was honored to be a part of this sharing experience.”

Lon Lane, Owner,
Inspired Occasions, Kansas City, Missouri
chats with Greg Ziegenfuss, Executive Chef,
Butler's Pantry, St. Louis, Missouri

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